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March 26, 2019

Once again our company stands out in the world of entrepreneurs, “The startup that would have made Cousteau’s delight” title the article on the platform, where the ins and outs of the operation and the enormous success of our services all over the world are exposed.

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Dubai International Boat Show

February 26 to March 2

Our team is still around the world presenting the VACWAYmini, this time in Dubai they will leave more than one wanting to immerse themselves in the mysterious waters of the Red Sea to live and record with their smartphone amazing experiences.

Düsseldorf International Boat and Water Sports Fair

January 19 to 27, 2019

This time we attend one of the largest fairs in the nautical sector in Europe, it is the fair of the aquatic sector of Düsseldorf, where the greatest innovations come together in both boat building and water sports, so the new VACWAYmini will cause sensation among all the attendees, being this the ideal complement.

Professional Salon Bisou de Nice

January 13 to 15, 2019

Once again we moved to France to continue showing the new VACWAYmini, this time in the accessories sector, and sharing a stand with our partner from Wickelfisch France.

Entrepreneurs Magazine

December 2018

The entrepreneur magazine dedicates us a full page article, in which the virtues of VACWAY products are shown, as well as its innovative vending system, self-named “Process Vending”.

Salón Nautique International de Paris

December 8 to 16, 2018

The Vacway team attends as an exhibitor at the international boat show in Paris. Continuing with the tour of presentation of the new machine, the VACWAYmini, now in the city of fashion, where its innovative design will surely leave no one indifferent.

Salón Náutico Internacional de Barcelona

October 10-14, 2018

The Vacway team attends as an exhibitor at the international fair of the Barcelona Boat Show. There they take the opportunity to present their new machine model: the VACWAYmini. A machine adjusted to the needs of individual users who want to add Vacway services to the offer of their business.


August 27, 2018

In the magazine Gadgetmania you will find the latest technological news, tests and novelties of all kinds of novel gadgets and consumer electronics. So in this summer month Vacway could not miss in his magazine!


August 23, 2018

SportLife sports, fitness and fitness magazine invites you to enjoy a summer without limits while recommending our Vacway covers.

VIA Empresa

August 7, 2018

The Catalan informative portal, VIA Empresa, which deals with the current situation of the business fabric of the Catalan territory and the revitalization of its productive sector; publishes an article about Vacway Waterproof in the Startup section.

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El Mundo

July 30 2018

The supplement of the newspaper “El Mundo, la Actualidad Económica” magazine, dedicates a full-page report to us.

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Yo Dona

July 24 2018

Again the Vacway sleeve is the recommendation of this summer for your mobile, as advises the magazine Yo Dona in an article about gadgets for this vacation.

Blasting News

July 14, 2018

In Blasting News are up to date with the latest trends, now they have released VACWAY and its incredible waterproofing system for Smartphones.

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Radio 4

July 14, 2018

Interview with Joaquín Abellán in the radio space Club 21: the club of the Restless Minds, a gathering about innovative ideas, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with a vision of the future; of the Radio 4 station.

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La Vanguardia digital

July 13, 2018

The digital version of La Vanguardia newspaper publishes an extensive article about the company in the section of entrepreneurs in the economy section.

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July 1, 2017

The magazine on tourism and vacations, DeViajes, publicizes our product in a small article on page 10 of the editorial of the July issue.

Women's Health

25 de Junio 2018

Our cover slips amicably between a “pack” of useful, recommended to enjoy the Summer, advertised in the magazine Women’s Health.


June 8, 2018

The digital version of the magazine for competition and adventure sports, SporTraining, echoes our product and the benefits it will bring to sports lovers in water, snow and sand environments.

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June 1, 2018

Our product for waterproofing mobile devices is recommended in an article in the Cuore magazine.

El Periódico de Catalunya

May 13, 2018

The digital edition of the newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya publishes an article in the economy section where Vacway is presented, the results of 2017 and future plans.

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GROUZ May 5, 2018

The Startups section of the GROUZ group dedicates an article to VACWAY where it shows the promising growth that the company has had in its first year and the future plan that its managers want to implement.

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May 4, 2018

The digital portal for SMEs and self-employed “Muypymes” dedicates a review to the new revelation in aquatic parks and the vending sector this summer,

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EFE:Emprende May 3, 2018

Entrepreneurship portal EFE: Emprende publishes a presentation article about the company.

The Spanish startup Vacway Waterproof has created a waterproofing system for smartphones and electronic devices that allows “wetting the mobile” and “bring technology to the water”.

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Feria Internacional Vendibérica

October 18 to 20, 2017

The Vacway team attends the international vending fair “Vendibérica” ​​at IFEMA, Madrid, as a visitor.

Feria BizBarcelona

30 to May 31, 2017

Joaquín Abellán and Javier Montón, founders of Vacway, attend the Entrepreneurship, Pymes and Social Economy fair, BizBarcelona.

Periódico Expansión

May 11, 2017

The newspaper “Expansion” with a reputation in the field of business in its section of Catalonia on new assets and entrepreneurs presents Vacway as a novel project to cover a market niche not yet explored.

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